In a nutshell
In a nutshell

We’ve been saving the planet” for decades…& environmental crises just get worse. All this Tesla driving & LEED building & carbon trading seems to accomplish little to nothing — all while low-income communities continue to suffer the worst consequences.

Why aren’t we cleaning up the toxic messes & rolling back climate change? And why do so many Americans hate environmentalists?

Jenny Price says, enough already! — with this short, fun, fierce manifesto for an environmentalism that is hugely more effective, a whole lot fairer, & infinitely less righteous. She challenges you, Exxon, & the EPA alike to think and act completely anew — & to start right now — to ensure a truly habitable future.

In this moment of reckoning, Jenny Price calls us out to call us in and does so with humor, insight and an in-your-face attitude that is informed and dare I say, hopeful about our capacity to change how we think, see and do’ green”
— Carolyn Finney, Black Faces, White Spaces
Pithy, funny, exasperated, and informed…you cannot read a more important 100 pages than Stop Saving the Planet.”
— Richard White, The Republic for Which it Stands